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Ashton Hartley Hantjis' earliest memories involve crafting elaborate miniature houses of cardboard boxes and magazine clippings. She's since devoted her academic and leisure pursuits to cultivating that innate impulse to create inspiring environments.

With her Masters in Architecture and professional experience in both architecture and interiors, Ashton meets the demands of the field with her deep understanding of design principles, her strong diplomacy and communication skills, and her ability to inspire clients while understanding and respecting their needs. 

A lifelong connoisseur of culture, history, and art, Ashton appreciates both antiquity and modernity, and excels in creating layered, expertly composed designs through their juxtaposition. 

Ashton earned her Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees at Virginia Tech's intensive College of Architecture and Urban Studies, benefiting from opportunities to study at their campuses in Blacksburg, VA, Riva San Vitale, Switzerland, and Alexandria, VA.

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